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Brooke Wrisley

On Site
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Dr. Amber Bowen
VIP Equine Services


Dale Smithson



Joanna Murphy

Onsite Trainer and Problem Solver

Murielle Richard Price

Onsite Masterson Method Bodywork and Professional Saddle Fit Evaluator

























Little Freddie Mercury -Abused, Neglected and sent to livestock auction severely disabled...

UPDATE July 3:

Our sweet little boy - Freddie - has passed.
I drove Freddie out to the Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center on the far side of Sacramento yesterday. (http://www.lbemc.com). I had spoken with several of the mini breeding farms in Northern CA and this hospital was recommended by several. They were indeed very knowledgeable! They have developed protocols that adapt methods for dogs that are effective for the smaller mini horses as well. That was what we were after. After extensive xrays done while he was on his back (sedated) they delivered the astonishing news: Freddie had been in that condition for many many months - possibly a year or more. The surgery that might have helped him was no longer an option since his entire joint had worn away. The only remaining surgery that they could offer would leave him with a good half year of recovery and only the ability to walk a bit better. Our path was sadly clear; the essential issue being that the quality of life for a three legged dog or cat is great - but that just does not work for a horse, even a little one. We tried..... This facility has a lot of young doctors who are gaining cutting edge surgical training. I was asked if they might, after his death, use him to perform the operation they would have suggested if he was a candidate - in order to train the next generation of vets. So perhaps he was not euthanized at the auction so that his death could help many more little horses get a surgery that would help them live. I like to think....

To see his story go HERE and click on right side of each pic.


They have granted SAFER $20,000 in compensation for serving the Redwood Valley Fire Complex horse owning survivors and to continue our voucher support for the long term as the community rebuilds! We are so very grateful that they put their trust in us to deliver relief to the animals and their people after the horrible fires. This grant allows us to write vouchers for feed, tools, fencing and kennels for folks with ANY kind of animals and that is what we are doing now!

To receive our simple application send an email to info@saferhorse.com


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Fostering is the foundation of RESCUE!!

So many wonderful folks have offered to foster a displaced horse from the Fires....but did you know you can save a life anytime by being a foster for a displaced equine?

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ESCALON AUCTION: SAFER was there June 27 brought home 3 horses.



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For those struggling to keep their horses fed we offer a program of temporary hay and feed. Please email info@saferhorse.com with any questions.

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