Arty and Annie are looking for a secure home to spend the rest of their lives. They have a LOT to offer!!

Arty and Annie came from the Petaluma Livestock auction. Their elderly owner used to breed paints and these were his own riding horses. I guess he could not care for them any longer.

Arty is 15.3 to 16 hands, 20 years and a very sweet guy! Not a serious genius or anything but very agreeable. Annie is 15.1 and 18 yrs. She has a few IQ points on her brother and is in charge.

Both are VERY well trained, non-spooky and would love a home trail riding or camping and hanging out with you.

$1500 for the pair on CONTRACT with SAFER 707-824-9543

Very easy to handle.

These two are the easiest horses to trailer ever; no hesitation. They have clearly done this a lot.

Annie - is very sensitive to new folks and still has a hard time letting you pick up her hind feet. She settles right in with a regular relationship tho - and becomes quite trusting. After all - she has a dozen IQ points on her brother and she is in charge of things. He doesnt fart without asking her if it's a wise decision....

I'm Arty.....I'm with Her....


These horses have near perfect hooves; very strong and correct.

If you want to come and ride them - they are in Redwood Valley just off 101. Private parties only please. Perfect situation for a couple wanting to ride together!

Call SAFER at 707-824-9543