Bowie is a Valley Fire Survivor - 10 yrs 16.1 hands; Sound and strong! His people had just taken him on as a project when the fire hit. He and his buddy had to be set loose to run for it. He suffered burns on his hind legs and his sheath. Unfortunately - his people lost everything and could no longer keep him - so he ended up losing his buddy too - which was very depressing for him. SAFER took him in 2 years ago and our foster Sarah O. has been rehabbing him mentally and physically ever since. She did a great job - he looks quite different from his post fire lay up picture below. He is ready for saddle training!

He connects with his person and is really a puppy dog but needs a knowledgable owner. We think maybe he is a Warmblood; somebody might have bred him for jumping. A nice big horse and very handsome. He has a gorgeous mane and tail and nice big strong hooves.

He deserves a nice home and person!


Call SAFER 707-824-9543 $500 to the right situation.

Cindy M. welcomes Bowie to the next step of his recovery!

He lunges well and we will soon be introducing tack.


This is Bowie above- then called GT - after the Valley Fire and his recovery from burns - just before SAFER took him in. His hindquarters are a bit atrophied from lay up. He is lonely and depressed but receiving good care.


We renamed him Bowie - he has a soft intelligent eye. We are not sure yet if he was once trained to ride. We are looking for a person with lots of heart who is knowledgable - a horse whisperer perhaps - who can be his forever partner. Maybe someone who also knows the path of recovery from tragic events.

He has a lot of potential to go in any direction!

$500 to the right situation. He is located in Redwood Valley.

Call SAFER 707-824-9543