Here is Byron getting of the good Bus home from the Escalon Auction. He is thin and malnourished. He was sold as a 2 yr old intact colt.

The vet thinks he is Peruvian Paso cross or maybe an Azteca - both are likely as they are bred quite a bit out in the central valley. He has been castrated and had his shots and he is a VERY GOOD BOY! A very fun guy to work with! Great ground manners and eager to interact with people. Not a damaged horse mentally - but needs weight and hoof growth. He is doing better now as the picture shows but he needs about 6 months of good feed to grow a better hoof! Located in Cotati, CA.

$600 on contract with SAFER 707-824-9543

He is a very smart boy - eager to please or to find treats - whatever comes first.

Byron is very trusting of people and learned to lounge very quickly. We don't think he has ever had a saddle on but he thinks it's all ok if his person wants to do that. We did not cinch him though! He is too young to be backed and needs a good 6 months of training and hoof growth. He comes with instructions for nutritional needs. He was neglected, but not abused.

He is very good minded and eager to please his person. We are looking for the right one to give him a wonderful foundation and a good secure life.

He doesn't know about this.... but he is giving it the benefit of the doubt!

Now with 3 months of good nutrition - Byron is turning into a ROAN! He is also everybody's favorite because he is so playful and people positive. He never nips - he only kisses. Or takes your hat off and waves it!