Maybe getting a little suspicious....

Time for the juice...Dale's trimming tools lie ready to spring into action. Adrian stands very well for his shots. He too already got his tetanus shot and will get a booster now. Doc gave everyone antibiotics as well, just to be on the safe side. Its dusty and windy and well....Doc is like that.

Janet and Kim prepare to lay him anyone who does this knows...trying to keep them from landing on their head or having it get under them in some way. All went well with this part.

Getting this one done was noooo problem. Everything was visible and easy to get to. Size of case you felt the need to know..... Aftercare done by Lisa McElroy and Janet. Janet taught him to load too. Thanks guys!

An excellent herd leader; he kept his son from pursuing the ladies over the fence so we are sure he was the stud of the herd. A kind and gentle guy tho - who shared his food both before and after rescue. Janet even laid over his back a couple times. We bet he was broke at some point. He is 14 and 14.3. What a gorgeous soul. I do not doubt he understands everything that is going on and what it means for his family. But he has 4 sons on the ground that will live well now and prosper. Well done Blackhawk. We will find you a wonderful forever home that really knows your value.

Waiting patiently for the juice to go to work. Janet and Kim ready to help. Blackhawk will need to gain a bit more weight and put on a little more muscle to attain his rightful glory. Training will help him do that too. Remember he was a two on the scale only 6 weeks ago.


Teamwork makes short work of this....getting the hang of it now. He was the easiest of all to do for obvious reasons. We felt kinda bad; he was a great stallion. But he has done his share. A good life for everyone is worth the sacrifice. He will be going up to Lake County for training if not adopted in the next few days.

Um....his were the size of baseballs. Sos you know...

Waking up to a new life; where food and medicine and care will always be available to him and his herd mates.

Call SAFER to visit with these horses at 707-824-9543

Cassidy - Blackhawk's son out of Cadence is 14 months old and 14.2. He is just what Lisa and Ryan McElroy have been waiting for! They adopted him right away. There are advantages to being a foster! And we need a couple more of those....

To all of you who wished them well and esp who sent money to aid them - thank you so much. To all our volunteers and foster homes; to the fine professionals that give back by helping rescued horses at good discounts - we thank you so much. These lives were worth it - they always are. As soon as these are adopted....more can be helped. Spread the word!! Share our posts; at

UPDATE: NOV 2013 Cadence has been adopted and is doing very well. Eloquence is going under saddle nicely and has been adopted. She is PREGGERS and so Blackhawk STILL has a bun in the oven. Everyone is excited to see the little one in the spring. She must have been a few weeks pregnant when we got her. Blackhawk and Adrian are under saddle in training and doing exceptionally well. They are ready for adoption - and just sooo gorgeous. Dylan needs a home too. He is still a baby at 20 months but doing very well.

In loving memory of Pumpkinhead..... for whom help did not come in time.