Snowball is 17, 16 hands sound and healthy. He is a fun guy! Very smart and curious and personable. He also seems to be a great riding horse. Here Brooke is on him for the first time. He is very responsive and not at all spooky!

He is a goof ball and a big personality. Someone was using him for something - I suspect trails. He tossed his head a lot but after only 20 minutes Brooke said he was beginning to trust the bit and his rider. Someone might have been very rough on this sensitive and willing Thoroughbred. Does have a tattoo - not too readable.

We are looking for a special person who knows TB's and is knowledgeable about horses in general- for his sake. I suspect his life has not been that easy. He does need leadership and directions and would be most comfortable with a confident rider. SAFER does require that our horses be domiciled with at least one other equine. No stall livin'.
He is located in Santa Rosa. To arrange to see him call SAFER 707-824-9543
— in Santa Rosa, California.

He moved smoothly out of the round pen for a treck around the pasture with some obstacles. Not at all concerned. Showed a little resistance when told to leave his buddies behind...but very minimal.

Lovely gaits and smooth movement. He does still need some weight. He came in a little thin and very dehydrated on a 101 day at the Turlock auction. He has been lovin' his life these weeks in Sonoma. Me too.....
SAFER 707-824-9543