Zena is also a rescue from the Escalon Auction. She is 17 to 18 yrs and 16 hands. She is a QH. Probably a broodmare who was put on grass and had a lamanitic episode. Often broodmares are not given much hoof care in sloopy operations. She should recover just fine...


She is a very gorgeous animal and clearly has been very well trained and kindly handled. Why people take their animals to the meat man at this point is beyond me. She loves people and is eager for interaction. She has excellent ground manners, lifts each foot for the farrier by herself, loves the water and being sprayed and is very ho-hum about being tacked up. We will hop on this week-end just to see her response. She needs a controlled diet and about 5 months to grow out her hoof. The farrier says she has hoof walls of steel and agrees with the vet that she should be just fine. We are looking for just the right home that will treasure a lovely hacking partner for the next decade! No breeding.

$600 on Contract SAFER 707-824-9543

Two weeks after her trim and diet change she is walk, trot, canter without limping. She is very mature and stately kind of gal, not a spook in her.

Too bad we will never know her pedigree...

I lost the pictures of her fully tacked - phone reversed itself and now I have 5 selfies instead. Will try again this week-end.

Our sales rep from Elk Grove Milling plays with Ms Zena - she is always at the fence corner to see if you will spend time with her - maybe spray her with water - which she loves!