Betty her owner says: "Sally was previously owned by a former neighbor who didn't know what to do with her. She was gentle, but untrained at 8 years old.She is a Cal/Nev Mustang, freeze branded on left side of neck. She was well trained by us after we had acquired her. She is not "marrish" and has never been bred. She is 17 years old. Sally comes to you when called, loves a couple of carrots and apples."

'Her only vice is that she will founder if left out on green grass. She is calm, no bite, no kick, has 8 sheep for company these days. Gets along well with them. She is good for the farrier, never shod, but trimming hooves. She has never been sick, (colic) etc. Apx. 4 years ago she was kicked in her right front knee, she does have a slight limp, sometimes not."

This mare has not seen a vet for this injury nor had xrays. It is unknown if injections would be of help for light riding. This sweet mare would be great as a lead line for kids of course and a lovely first horse for al least tacking up and walking around. A forever home is a must however. No passing her along when she is aged.

"Due to our ages and health conditions, we are hoping to find a forever home for Sally. It is with my deep regret I am doing this, Sally needs someone who will love her and brush her, and give her attention that we just can't do much anymore. "

She has had a difficult life but is still a sweet and obedient girl. I hope she can find that rare and loving home with another horse for company!

Call Betty at 707-778-6728 SAFER is helping preview new owners. Please consider her.