Auction NOV 23 '09

What a surprise! I never go to auction anymore if I am not going to bring them home; and since I had no where to bring a horse this week I wasn't planning on going.

Then I got a call from Tawnee up at NorCal Equine Rescue (see for Nov 23rd). She and the family were in the area and they had room for two more. They would be able to pick up later that afternoon. So off I went to auction to see if I could get a couple that would get to go on the GOOD BUS!

This pic to the left is from Tawnee and Jason's windshield pulling into the yard.

Sadly there were three there...but we could only take the first two. I really hate that. They couldn't give away the horse that was left. He finally got given to the meat trader. Godspeed little one.



A thin and worried TB, age unknown. Clearly these horses are not meant to be fetching for much. No grooming, big platter feet and very hungry. Mud and tattered mane and tail. But a very pretty boy nevertheless. Nicely made and sound as far as we know.

They are very aware that the vibe is not a good one. They must be wondering if they will be getting any food and water anytime soon.

They often stand touching noses with any other horse they reach. This one is reaching for the little mustang next door.


Thank you SAFER contributers - you have saved his life. And Thanks to NER - he has a place to land.


Yay! Bidding was successful and the tall worried TB gets sprung from jail. He comes along quite smartly and steps right into the trailer without a fuss. Tawnee thinks he is a very nice horse and will find a good home.

This little mustang is a friendly guy - one of those that can't hold his licker - he liked to lick my hands a lot.

In my experience a domestic horse will actively petition any person they think might come and help them. They are conditioned to think that people will take care of them when they find themselves in times of trouble.

"Don't you worry little guy - those rescue folks have filled my pockets with cash - and I will be the highest bidder for YOU!"

He sold for .08 cents a pound - a whopping $67 bucks.

Getting ready for the long long trip up to Oroville.

SAFER is so thankful to NER for their interest in the Petaluma auction. We can do this every week if only we have a place to bring them until NER comes to get them once a month. Its way too long to come every week. Together we can save many local horses and perhaps have an adoption day down here in the future!

Any body have any ideas for a place for them to come home from auction and wait for transport up to NER?

A weary mustang drinks some water and sighs in relief.

Where has he been in his life? What were his experiences with people? He seems very tame and Tawnee is sure he is very broke to ride. Perhaps he is lame; but all we could see was a very hungry guy under that winter coat.

I cant wait to see them all fixed up and ready for their new lives.

We will keep the Petaluma horses on our website for adoption.

Stay tuned!!