Auction Day - Roseville June '09

We teamed up with Tawnee at NorCal Equine Rescue (see their blog scroll to Sunday, June 14, 2009) to save 4 horses and a crippled donkey.

Dawn Marie Henderson and Tamia LaGrave made this trip possible by providing transportation all the way to Roseville and back! These are two gals that have a great sense of compassion AND adventure. Thanks to them these horses have a great future.

Not like some others there, despite what the Roseville auction says on their website. NorCal tried to buy some horses out of a kill pen - to no avail.The prices were kept fairly high by Tawnee's bidding but there was a meat buyer with deep pockets bidding on the fat ones.

We got there pretty early and there were not as many horses as last month so we had lots of time to talk with people and mess with horses. There was a well known kill buyer there selling a horse. Its heartbreaking stuff - on many counts. Horses who lived together all their lives being separated, horses used up and left with very painfully feet in tight shoes and distorted spines, frightened TB's with their racing plates still on - and a western saddle on their backs to fool you into thinking they were trail horses. Show horses that didn't win their ribbons. Feral horses that don't stand a chance - except for the rescues. Uncut colts are especially unwelcome. And one crippled white donkey who stank to high heaven. Of course we brought HIM home! He has a home now as a companion to a mini donkey with Jeff LaGrave - our foster home owner extraordinare!!

The horses in various stages of recuperation from their ordeal by neglect and overwork. They will need lots of hoof care and chiropractic. But they are in pretty good shape all and all and not very old. Interesting personalities!


These cowgirls don't get the Blues !

Tawnee did the bidding for us and we picked four horses that were to come home to the foster facilities that Jeff LaGrave has so generously provided. Jeff owns Twin Oaks Garage in Penngrove. They do Diesel repair weldng and fabrication. They specialize in fixing up Horse and Utility Trailers. Give them a call at 707-795-4803. Jeff has been more than generous and we hope he gets A LOT of business !!

Getting off the Right Bus makes all the difference in the world. Here two of our new charges walk up the driveway with Dawn Marie and Jeff LaGrave. Their auction stickers are still tightly affixed to their weary butts.


Clean cool water - such a luxury! Most horses it would seem come off the auction lots severely dehydrated - even when they have some water there. It's usually mucky stuff but they do drink it. It must take a couple days to fully rehydrate after a long period of draught.

This mare seems a bit shocked about her turn of events....


A huge thank you to all our donors who made THIS MOMENT possible.

A bright red sorrel mare, under 10 yrs. A light bay mare 12-15.

More information will be forthcoming after our evaluations. All are in need of hoof care. Several have shoes that need to come off. Teeth need to be checked. The TB at left has papers and he is 16 years old and very broke.

Below is the little Arab mare and the donkey; now home on the range.


Stay tuned and will will soon have the individual pics up with adoption information on our Available page.