Redsky is a young mare of 8-10 about 15 - 15.2 hands. She is a very bright chestnut that gleams in the sun. Her feet are unshod and in excellent condition and her legs are clean and sound. She is middle of the herd and somewhat shy of people. She is quite broke to ride - probably been working on a string of some kind. She would be great for experienced horse person or teen or one that is working with a trainer, simply to have her gain some confidence in her new circumstances. Although she is easy to handle I don't get that people have ever been a good experience for her. She needs a one on one advocate to reacquaint her with positive human experiences. She is very healthy; great barefoot hooves and would make a lovely partner with the investment of some time, training and love.

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Georgette; a SAFER supporter, admires a clean and shiny Redsky.