Renalto - aka "Reny"


You gotta lub me.....

Now that we have gotten to know the guy - what a character! When I hang out with Renalto the song that comes to mind is Leonard Cohen singing "I'm Your Man."

If you want a pal that can make you laugh this is your guy. He LOVES attention and is calm and gentle. Bathes, stands for vet and farrier, loads and unloads and is UTD on teeth, shots, worming and trims.

He needs to be a companion horse for a while. He has seen a chiropractor and has some hind end issues. He is great with other horses and a wonderful pet. Everybody loves this guy.

Here is the latest from his recent caregiver: She was giving him a two hand rub down when her cell phone rang. For 15 minutes she had the phone to her ear and was half heartedly rubbing on him with the other - her attention clearly elsewhere. Suddenly he turned and deftly lifted the little phone from her hand and tossed it! Then turned to her and grinned. This is his grin - next door on your left.

She had this to say " I was going to throw this blanket away but he seems to enjoy putting it on. He's very cute. He shoves his nose through the hole and wiggles in. HE WAS SOMEBODIES well taken care of horse back in the day. I wish he could tell us where he has been. No, he did not hurt my phone at all when he tossed it aside. It stayed open and my friend just kept talking. He is such a funny horse! I trust him completely."

Reny was worked very hard for a long time. He is only 16 and does come with his JC papers. Reny is the kind of horse that will try to do anything you ask; even if it is painful. He loves to have a job and a way to be part of his human's life. He could carry a child around the pasture and would love that. He is a handsome guy. When you are finished messing with him he can't believe you are really done with him. Shoo him away and he will go and stand with his butt to you and hang his head and look very sad. But he will be back shortly to see if you have changed your mind. Reny is an optimist.

Reny just hopes you will like him.

Is there a home out there that wants to have a horse in their lives that doesn't need riding but is very wonderful to relate to?

Not a perfect specimen (you don't have to be either), just a good buddy kind of horse. He is the kind of personality that makes you want to get out there and see what he is up too. He won't disappoint.

Free to good home. Call SAFER at 707-824-9543

Edee, our volunteer, overlooks some of Renalto's peculiarities...

This is Reny a week after we got him last summer above. Here he is in his new foster home on Nov 22 below. Through no fault of his - he is on his fourth foster. He is very adaptable and adoptable - here he has adapted to goats and Llamas.

Hard to get a pic of this sweet face - its always a "Hay - watcha doin' "

What a great companion animal - Hay I bet he would get along great with Loni ! Here is a situation for folks that would love some easy care equines in their lives without necessarily needing to ride.

Call Kate to meet Renalto: 707-824-9543

Reny's Song:

All I want is a field somewhere

Right outside in the cool crisp air

With one delightful mare

Oh wouldn't it be loverly!


Lots of carrots for me to eat

Lots of grooming to keep me neat

And someone who will trim my feet

Oh wouldn't it be loverly!


Ow so blooming loverly to be so at ease

Doing absolutely nuthin' unless it's what I please!


I' belong to one who'd think the world of me

I'd look forward each day to her company

To know it's ME she'd come to SEE.

Oh wouldn't that be loverly.