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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 20:10:11 -0400 (EDT)

Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue
Dear Lopers and Ropers:

I went on a 10 day fasting retreat. Between preparing for it and recovering from it it has taken a while for a new update. Well excuse me for starvin'....

We have yer good news and some points to ponder.   On a very positive note Valentino - the horse diagnosed with Wobblers up at UC Davis- has indeed found a wonderful new home.   Congrats to Caroline and Patricia and a heart felt thanks for stepping up for this boy.  Caroline tells me she saw a  SAFER poster at a feed store and went on line and saw him on the front page of the SAFER website. She went to see him and fell in love with his handsome self right away. See them HERE. He is a deserving kinda guy and we also thank Heidi, JoDean, Sylvie and Katie for helping this guy get to his new life.

Sunny has also found a home with her foster Mom Susan up in Lake County.  She will have the fine retirement that she deserves. Also Shahnessa's owner is coming to see her and is trying to find a way financially to bring her back home.  We are keeping our fingers crossed on that one. And Casper has been rehomed to one of our previous adopters that I contacted as I remembered he had a niece that was looking for a first horse. Hope that works out!

A wonderful couple that have been a real resource to horses and people in need have now found themselves in a terrible bind.  Rapid illness forces them to rehome the family''s horses - all born and trained on their farm.  I went out and met the horses and took the pictures you see to the right.  Wonderful, wonderful animals.  Please consider them and pass the word.

We still could use a couple more companion or light riding homes to come forward. Sure would love to work with a Sanctuary that could take some of our companion only horses. That would make the following discussion unnecessary....
Kate Sullivan
Euthanasia -
Tia and Tante need a trainer or face a humane end.

Subsequent to the Valentino adventure an email went out that ended up in many mail boxes -announcing that he had been saved after being " threatened with euthanasia by the rescue who owned him."  This I found to be a rather odd spin, since euthanasia was discussed and this person concurred completely if a home could not be found.  And SAFER is hardly a passive figure in rehoming the horses in our care.   Go figure.

But it brings up an issue that bears clarification.  Anyone out there believe there are good homes for every horse that needs one?  How about chronically lame horses or ones with diseases that make them unrideable or unpredictable in some way?  How about young horses that have not been trained and that no one will come forward to train so they stand a chance in the line up?

SAFER is facing these issues.  We have been warehousing many animals that have been in our very scarce foster care homes for some time. It has been a learning experience.  We have not been to auction for months - and I know for a fact that the Kill Buyers have taken most of the animals. It is a fate that has been documented extensively as horrifically inhumane. I personally think we have to look at our penchant for making decisions that make us feel (or look) bad or good rather than with what actually reduces the net amount of agony for the horses.

Now Tia and Tante - whom we sent up to NorCal Equine Rescue - are facing humane euthanasia because although NorCal has tried to interest folks - no one wants an untrained horse when so many trained riding horses are available. I have the option of taking them back into the SAFER org.  But no where to put them.  I will get them back IF I have someone  come forward that is qualified who will give them solid saddle training. You can see them on my website HERE and HERE.  SAFER will provide feed and farrier for them for the duration of their training. For those who want more insight into NER please go HERE.
Sally Hugg - Equine Nutritionist 
AUGUST 28 - SAT at the Sonoma County Fairground Clubhouse  Sponsored by SAFER

So much more information has come to us from recent research. Sally has results from independent analysis of several popular complete feed brands with surprising results. The day starts at 10 and ends at 3 or 4 with time for individual questions. Bring your feed tags for discussion and your lunch. $55 for the day. Reserve by contacting  Come meet up with your fellow horse community and talk hay and pellets!


-Slow feeding for a healthy digestive system
-Nutrition; protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins
-Feeding for hoof health
-Insulin resistance; what are the facts
-Hay and the nutrition it provides - its not just roughage
-How to test hay or get info about the hay in your area
-Using the "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" guidelines
-Weights, measures, and math - its easy!
-Formulating a ration that's simple and COST EFFECTIVE
-How to decipher a feed tag and supplement label
-Smart shopping - getting the best deals for your money.

A 15 page handout, including a list of resources, will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring feed and supplement labels from any products they are using. A hay corer and test sample kits are available before the workshop for those who would like to test their hay.(Contact Sally at 530 534-4844)

CA Trace Minerals supplement available at big discount.

Bonnie is a 19yr old 15 hand QH with trail horse expertise. Sound and healthy. Well cared for family horse. See her HERE.
Mo is a registered half Arab (Morab) 18 yrs 15 hands and trained to ride. Sound and healthy. Well cared for family horse.  See him HERE.

Cinco is a registered Arab mare 16 years and 14.2. Trained to ride, sound and healthy.  Well cared for family horse. See her HERE.
Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap is a 10 yr old TB that was someones treasured riding horse until she was abandoned at a boarding stable and taken to auction.  She is  a calm and submissive gal and well trained to ride.  See her HERE.
Loni is a lovely 25 year old retired eventer. She would love to be a companion to your lonely horse. See her HERE.
Help them find HOMES!
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