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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 12:37:51 -0400 (EDT)

Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue
Dear Equestrians and Pedestrians:

Look who got adopted!  The Arab Mare and the little paint Filly from the auction both went to excellent homes. SAFER needs a couple more hands-on foster care homes to make more of these stories happen. HERE is a picture page of Pumpkin Pie's arrival at her new home. Mona Lisa was adopted by her foster Mom - Betsy. YAY!!  We look forward to the updates! Rubie got a great home as did Smokey. Jazzy misses his fellow Golden Gate alumni like crazy. God only knows what they have been through together. 

So Jazzy has attached himself at the hip - literally- to Ginger Snap. Ginger was brought to the auction because her owner stopped paying her board at a Sonoma boarding stable. Both good riding horses. Ginger is a lovely 16 hand 9 yr old, sound and trained riding horse. See her HERE.

Jazzy's old trainer who had him at the track and knew him since he was a baby called me and gave more information on him: Jazzy is "dead-a$$" broke, can sometimes be stubborn, has an old healed knee fracture although is sound on it and was the #1 track pony at Golden Gate Fields. He is a real packer and does not spook at anything."  He needs his forever home - see him HERE.

Loni still needs someone to give her a few more years of peace and companionship. See her HERE.

Kate Sullivan
Valentino Report: A Special Horse In Need

SAFER received Valentino from NorCal a month ago. He is 14 and 16.2 hands and in excellent shape. Val is a truly remarkable equine. He is beautiful, very calm and not at all herd bound. He has no vices and tacks up and rides beautifully. Val is very well trained as a riding horse. He is also extraordinarily sweet to relate to and he loves attention. Katie M. - his foster Mom - knows a quality equine when she sees one and that is why she has been fundraising for Valentino to find out what is causing him pain in his rear hock. (THANK YOU KATIE!)

Radiographs show hocks in excellent condition. Ultrasound shows all the ligaments in "pristine" condition. The only thing visible is a possible fracture in the head of the splint bone that is unstable - meaning it moves. It is an old injury but one that might easily be fixed with a fairly inexpensive surgery to remove it. In short - Val needs about $1800 or less for both the additional radiographs and the surgery. And even in this economy; as a riding horse - he is worth that.

SAFER cannot commit to this for Val as our mission does not include this level of intervention. However - we will do this outreach to see if there are souls out there who would help him out. Maybe even adopt him and pursue his recovery. He might go to that rare companion only home - but if his discomfort continues he very well may end up being euthanized. That would be a crying shame.

See him HERE.
Mendocino Report: Foreclosure of Sanctuary.
It all started with a February phone call from Bliss Fisher of Mendocino County Animal Care. A large ranch in the remote coastal town of Elk, home to over 100 animals, was going into foreclosure.  Unbeknownst to the ranch's owner, the caretaker had offered refuge to 30 goats, 6 horses, 3 llamas, 8 sheep, a few dogs and cats, a handful of turkeys and ducks, and dozens of chickens.  Now they had to go. Fast. 

Read how Angie Herman (SAFER's Mendocino Chapter Steering Committee person and Board Member) galvanized the community to meet the challenge -
Fundraising - HELP!!
SAFER is doing a lot of work; arranging feed deliveries and hoof trims for needy horses; helping to pay for dental care - doing ALOT of phone counseling and caring for our fostered horses.  I may need to stop all this and focus solely on fundraising in the near future.  SAFER needs some cash.  I would really hate to have to do that - but I am the only person on that detail. SAFER really needs a volunteer(s) to help us with a simple direct mail campaign.  This would involve working with database files; getting a bulk mail permit and organizing a stuff and paste party. OR you may simply know a number of wealthy contacts that you might represent SAFER to for this purpose. Please call 707-824-9543 to discuss your ideas.

PS. We need a truck. My 10 year old Prius is beyond trashed. Yesterday the coffee lady said to me "I'm so sorry there is some green stuff floating in your coffee." I said that's's just alfalfa. Seriously; we gotta have a truck.

Valentino is a 14 year old 16.2 hand trained to ride TB. He is simply stunning and a nice horse to handle and ride. He needs a champion to help him with an injury.  He is really worth it!   Read about it  HERE.
Ginger Snap

Ginger is a beautiful and sweet 9 yr old 16 hand riding horse. View her HERE.
Jazz is a 9 yr 16.2 h ex-track Pony; He is well trained to ride and ready for a new beginning. See him HERE.

Comet is a very handsome Morab that was well trained and then left alone for a few years. He is healthy and ready to resume his career. See him HERE.
Loni is a lovely 25 year old retired eventer. She would love to be a companion to your lonely horse. See
her HERE.
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