Subject: SAFER: New Horses and NEWS
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 21:20:13 -0400 (EDT)

Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue

Despite the illegality of its actions the Bureau of Land Management
continues to conduct lethal round ups of wild horses on public lands. These animals are then held in small pens by the thousands supported by the taxpayer. Many are illegally sent to slaughter.   All this so that large corporations that mass produce cattle can use the public lands for free grazing.

Now they are rounding them up in CA.

There will be a meeting THIS FRIDAY at 399 Sanford Rd Santa Rosa at 2PM (may be changed to accommodate working hours)

For more information about this go HERE.

Kate Sullivan
Valentino Report: A Special Horse In Need

Val has BENEFACTORS!!! He is heading to UC Davis Thurs May 6th to see if they can help him.

See him HERE.
Fundraising - HELP!!
SAFER is doing a lot of work; arranging feed deliveries and hoof trims for needy horses; helping to pay for dental care - doing ALOT of phone counseling and caring for our fostered horses.  I may need to stop all this and focus solely on fundraising in the near future.  SAFER needs some cash.  I would really hate to have to do that - but I am the only person on that detail. SAFER really needs a volunteer(s) to help us with a simple direct mail campaign.  This would involve working with database files; getting a bulk mail permit and organizing a stuff and paste party. OR you may simply know a number of wealthy contacts that you might represent SAFER to for this purpose. Please call 707-824-9543 to discuss your ideas.

PS. We need a truck. My 10 year old Prius is beyond trashed. Yesterday the coffee lady said to me "I'm so sorry there is some green stuff floating in your coffee." I said that's's just alfalfa. Seriously; we gotta have a truck.

Valentino is a 14 year old 16.2 hand trained to ride TB. He is simply stunning and a nice horse to handle and ride. He needs a champion to help him with an injury.  He is really worth it!   Read about it  HERE.
Ginger Snap

Ginger is a beautiful and sweet 9 yr old 16 hand riding horse. View her HERE.
Jazz is a 9 yr 16.2 h ex-track Pony; He is well trained to ride and ready for a new beginning. See him HERE.
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