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Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 17:15:55 -0400 (EDT)

Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue
Dear Riders and Sliders:

I went out to visit Smokey at his boarding stable for his 30 day check- up.  What a beautiful job Patty B. has done with him!  He just gleams with health and well-being.  He lunged quite smartly and just followed her all around the big arena.  She adores him and they are having so much fun!  It could have been a much different ending/beginning.  Thank you SAFER Supporters. See them HERE.

Jazzy (I'm A Jazzy Too) has missed out on a really good home because he apparently has a suspensory injury at this time. Sigh.  The couple that came to see him really liked him and he would really have fit their needs. He really liked those guys too! Dr. Carrie Schlachter later examined him and gave the diagnosis and we will do an ultrasound on the 27th to see if there are any complications to his injury.  He is also foot sore from years at the track.  So Jazzy needs to stay very quiet for a few months and he gets upset when his companion is not in sight.  His companion is Ginger - who needs a home and is a good riding horse.  Ah - horse management many of you can relate. Is there a home out there for a big ole track pony and a nice TB riding mare?

SAFER is also hosting 3 older mares that still need companion homes.  Let's all scan our personal horizons for lonely horses and people that might be appropriate so that these slots can be cleared for other needy horses.  No new horse stories until some slots can be cleared or new foster homes found.

Kate Sullivan
Valentino Report: A Special Horse In Need
 Valentino did find sponsors - he came back from UC Davis with a diagnosis of Wobblers.   We were hoping for EPM but the tests were negative.  Thank you so much JoDean and Heidi for stepping up for this wonderful horse.   We are all so heart broken. Some rescues do not publicize the bad news - but that is part of the journey and I feel it should be shared.

Valentino is such a doll to be around and is a real asset in a herd.  All the horses love him and he calms everyone down according to his foster Mom. But his foster cannot keep him so  Val needs a companion home within the next couple of weeks otherwise we will put him down.  See more of his prognosis HERE.
Sally Hugg - Equine Nutritionist
There is a lot of Equine malaise and misery out there caused by a lack of knowledge of basic horse nutrition.  Many folks are operating on hear-say and outdated information that has been disproved.   Sally Hugg is a barefoot trimmer that has a wonderful one day clinic on the basics that is a very popular event.  In addition she has sent off several of the popular horse feed formulas for analysis recently with some very startling results.  SAFER has arranged to have her in West Sonoma for a clinic August 28th.  This is the basic format HERE.

We are looking for a place that can comfortably house 20 to 30 folks. So if you know of such a place that a non-profit might have for free that would be great.  Cost is $50 plus anything we have to raise for a venue; usually about $5.   Email SAFER at for reservations.
What it takes to be a FOSTER HOME:
Foster care for a horse rescue can be VERY rewarding.  Seeing the changes in attitude and health; and hearing about the horses you helped as they make their way in new homes is a memory that really stays with you.
It does not have to be a permanent commitment  - to the horses or to the rescue.   Foster homes can, of course, choose to take a break or decide to drop out of the program.
SAFER pays for everything and stays in contact always. SAFER has insurance that covers activity at the foster home.

Over the last couple of years certain aspects of fostering have worked out best for SAFER and the horses. (Yes it has been that long!)  These are the things SAFER is looking for:

1. A Foster needs to have a love of horses and time to care for them and help evaluate their needs. They may be more needy than a well cared for and content horse like your own.
2. They need a quiet spot to detox and settle in. Fencing must be safe. Other horses around are great but new ones should have their own space.
3. Foster must be willing to care for injuries and illness if necessary. It is not feasible for me or volunteers to travel around to all the fosters to do that work. Foster must also feed as per agreed upon with SAFER. Supplemental mash is often necessary for weight gain and nutritional deficiencies.
4. Foster must be willing for potential adopters to come and see and ride the horses if applicable.   The point of all of this is to find them those forever homes! 

So if you feel the presence of equine souls you are destined to meet and love....please consider being the home that allows them a second chance at life. It doesn't last forever - but the difference you make can.

Call 707-824-9543


Ginger Snap
Ginger is a beautiful and sweet 9 yr old TB. SHe is 16 hands and a trained riding horse. View her HERE.
Jazz is a 9 yr 16.2 h ex-track Pony; He is well trained to ride and easy to handle. He does have a suspensory injury at this time. See him HERE.
Loni is a lovely 25 year old retired eventer. She would love to be a companion to your lonely horse. See
her HERE.
Our Sponsors
Jessica Armstrong
Certified Equine Nutritionist and
Barefoot Trimmer

Serving a Tri-County area.

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