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Dear Dancers and Prancers:

Wonderful News as Jazzy goes to his forever home! Jazzy is with Lisa G. and her husband up in Winters. Todd Gregory, who is a fabulous equine chiropractor, was in town briefly and  he worked on Jazzy Pro Bono for SAFER after a very busy day at a fancy barn.  SAFER cannot thank him enough for his generosity and awesome work.  Jazzy was SO MUCH BETTER after his visit. Wow.

Also adopted are Bonnie and Baba from the website. And YAY!! Our Tante got adopted up at NorCal!  A nice young man wanted him for his training project. See him HERE.

SAFER's first BABY was born to Kahlua out at Chanslor Ranch.  Such a tiny thing - Sarahbeth might have named her "Saturday Night Special" but she is named Remi - short for Remington (cause she is a little pistol!) See her HERE.

SAFER needs donations of tack for adopters to try the horses. Decent used saddles and bridles. Tax deductible. Thank You!

Still need a good retirement home for a couple of deserving mares.

Kate Sullivan
Kate Sabin heads up New SAFER
 Horse Training Internship

at Santa Rosa Junior College Equine Program

Remember all those sweet young horses that someone just had to breed - and leave without the training they needed to secure a home? These days the cost of training is often more than what can be recouped by the sale of that horse. That doesnt mean we wont be wanting and needing those young horses for future riders though!

Now SAFER horses can be trained while students complete an Internship for their Equine Studies at the JC! Horses will be kept at Foster barns with facilities for training.  Because of our training volunteers and the interns - they will have a future in someones barn - maybe YOURS!

For more information call 707-824-9543
News on Bill AB 1980

This bill contained language that may have made it illegal to do massage, chiropractic or any other alternative modality on an equine unless the person was a veterinarian.  These items were added onto the original bill by the Veterinary Assoc.   There was a public campaign which responded negatively to this.  These items were stripped from the bill and the bill was passed.

Here is the text of the final bill for those interested:

Two new horses from the Petaluma auction - just listed.  Nightingale and Wizard. She is a stunning TB mare in beautiful shape - gentle and trained to ride.  He is a little sorrel stallion that we gelded.  Teeth floated, shots done - they are ready to go.  He is a rather timid little guy that is responding very quickly to training. He picks up feet and lunges smartly. A HUGE thanks to Jackie Smith up in Lower Lake for hosting these sweet horses and esp. for all her work with Wizard. And to Jessica Armstrong for driving all the way down to get them and bring them home! And for doing hoofies and ....um...for making sure he had his business ready to be operated on. Go visit them and check them out! See Nightingale HERE and Wizard HERE.

The expenses for Nightingale and Wizard are roughly $1200 since both needed teeth done and one needed "brain surgery." If we receive enough support we also have an empty foster that could take a few more saves - so we could go to auction again. 

SAFER has been operating on our "savings" for many months.   We have had about $200 in general donations in the last 3 months - not counting those monies earmarked for Valentino. We have about $10,000 in the bank - always we keep enough for emergencies for the horses we have. But we feel that anything extra should go right back into the community during these times of special need. I have not done any fundraising - not my strong point its true.  Need some fundraising talent at SAFER.....Maybe YOU?

So if you want to see this kind of work done:  all the adoptions, the auction saves, the owner surrenders, the free website, the Newsletter with timely information, the Training Program and Hay Assistance Program - not to mention all the phone counseling, please hit the Paypal button on the website below or send a snail mail tax deductible check to SAFER 9501 Mill Station Rd Sebastopol CA 95472.

SAFER can only do what donations allow and is guided by that - It will not overextend itself. Truly - YOU decide what we do next - somethin' or nuthin'.

Please decide to participate. On however small a scale, we are truly making a positive difference in our community.
Not enough sign ups!

Sally Hugg - Equine Nutritionist 
AUGUST 28 - SAT at the Sonoma County Fairground Clubhouse 

Sorry for any inconvenience

Beautiful well trained mare, 16.2 and 10 yr old.  Gentle and very well kept. See her HERE.

Wizard is a cute 8 yr old 14.2 hand mutt.  Just gelded (he was a very timid stallion); teeth floated and feet trimmed.  He is being trained and he is AMAZING!  Great family horse prospect. See more HERE.
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap is a 10 yr old TB that was someones treasured riding horse until she was abandoned at a boarding stable and taken to auction.  She is  a calm  and well trained to ride.  She is all alone at her fosters now and REALLY NEEDS A HOME THIS WEEK. See her HERE.

Dixie is a Tennessee Walker who has swivel hock.  She would be a great lead line or therapy horse as she is one of those rare equines that prefers people to hanging out with other horses. Well trained to ride but best at the walk and a little trot. See her HERE.
Mo is a registered half Arab (Morab) 18 yrs 15 hands and trained to ride. Sound and healthy. Needs a tune up. Well cared for family horse.  See him HERE.
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Our ability to do our work depends on getting the word out - please send these emails along and encourage others to join up. SAFER DOES NOT SHARE THIS LIST WITH ANYONE.  We do however make announcements for others that may be of interest or helpful to our NorthBay horse community.