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Jan 27, 2010
Dear Equine Advocate:
There is among us a general knowledge of the difficulties faced by those caught in the economic downturn.  We have a general understanding of what this means for the horses they are trying to maintain.  It takes on additional meaning when you are listening to an individual story.  I hear one almost daily.

A woman who has been a successful farrier for 12 years; has a degree from a good college and additional training in several areas. Has taken excellent care of her two horses; a 28 year old mare (she has had for 24 years) that is a daughter of Bey Shah - one of the most important and beautiful Arab Stallions in the US; and that mare's daughter. Shahnessa was her show horse for many years and she has committed to her care till the end of her days; never dreaming anything would interfere with that commitment. But for those whose cushion against economic hardship was itself decimated - the loss of work is a double blow.   Please hear her story on NorCal's UTube:

Compare this to the woman described on FUGLY yesterday; who has everything but sent her old showhorse to slaughter at the age of 18.

The daughter is being free leased but the mare - Shahnessa - is being tossed out of her boarding situation at the end of the month. As I have often mentioned to the public - even euthanasia is beyond the means of those whose circumstances have been decimated like this. And sometimes it can be just too much to lose everything at once. This woman is already in shock that things came to this so quickly.

SAFER will be taking in Shahnessa to a foster facility.  We will do the best we can to find her a home.  But we need your help.   Our budget is miniscule - as in tiny - less than $10,000 for 2009. Please consider sponsoring this noble older mare while we try to find an adoptive home for her. Please use PayPal on the website or snail mail to the address below.  All is tax deductible. Designate your funds. See Shahnessa HERE.

I was also surprised to see this mentioned in NorCal's blog this morning.

I would also like to start a fund to help this woman. Often you hear that Horse Rescue people care more about animals than people.  At SAFER we see the bond between the two and the way the horse community steps up to help each other. Horses bring us together so that we can do this service.  And we admire those that take their responsibilities to their animals as a matter of integrity. If you have more than this person: please consider sending any amount in recognition that these circumstances could have been true for any one of us. Help give this woman some turn around time. Designate the purpose of your contribution please.

Thank you.
9501 Mill Station Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472

New Horses:  News + Needs
SweetheartSAFER was at the auction on the 18th and rescued a lovely 8 year old TB.  She was so terrified she looked crazy. She was vibrating with fear. Probably why only me and the meat man were bidding. We found out she is a trained riding horse that was abandoned at a boarding stable.  She has not been worked with for about a year but showed great willingness when asked to lunge and back up etc. She is thin and we will be evaluating her riding in a couple of weeks.  She handles well.  She is sound and a beautiful mover. She did a Happy Dance when she settled in at her new foster home. Thank you to Jennifer and Jamil Hope for offering her foster refuge!  More info and pics are coming.
No horses on the 25th at the auction.

SAFER is taking in an off the track Thoroughbred mare - only 3 years old, with chips in both knees.  A small and calm girl - only 15 hands. We need a foster home with a stall she can live in for the next 6 months. Can you help? The track vet said her only chance for a good recovery is to be fairly immobile for that time. SAFER pays for all food, farrier and vet.  Call 824-9543.
Hay Assistance
We continue to supply feed to needy citizens.  Please consider printing out some of our posters as a download on the front page of the web and posting them in your travels. Mini marts are great places as are community bulletin boards.  We are taking applications in Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties now. For more into call 707-824-9543.
One Truck that Runs.
Someone to teach me to take videos and post them.
Experienced Riders to evaluate horses occasionally.
Folks that will do Fund Raising so we can implement more programs for the community - like Train One - Retain One!  (Or something like that.
We need to train the youngsters that are being abandoned by their breeders.  We will want these trained horses in a few years and now is the time to prevent their needless deaths. Good things can HAPPEN!  Be a part of it!
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Loni is a lovely retired eventer that needs to be a companion pet to some other horse - which she will dote on. Loni is 24 and a very sweet and easy keeper. See her HERE
Hope is a 14.3 hand 12 yr. old retired TB broodmare.   She is green-broke and ready to be finished as a nice little riding partner. No limitations. See her HERE.
Shahnessa head
Shahnessa was a showgirl most of her life. Now she has stories to tell and much to share with the right home. See her HERE.
Mystic is a great trail horse for a lighter weight person.  A little sway backed but very experienced.
See him HERE.

Bella is a late teen Arab cross sound and goes Western and English for lighter weight intermediate rider. See her HERE.
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