Subject: SAFER calling all trainers
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 14:00:51 -0500 (EST)

Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue
Training for the Young
Feb 2010
Dear North Bay Horse People:
Please forgive this additional email but many times have we heard this tale?   Lovely horse 2 yrs or 10. Very sweet disposition. Lovely gaits and willing attitude.  Just waiting for someone to make a wonderful saddle horse out of him/her.....

The sad fact is that often training a horse is more expensive than the horse can be sold for right now.  And for the life of me I keep hearing from people who have these horses, could have trained them and instead just let them sit in a paddock for years until they get tired of looking at them, I guess. But they are always "so sweet." These lives are then forfeit - either to slaughter, euthanasia or neglect.

It might be compared to being soooo excited to have a baby and then ignoring it's education after the baby stage is over. Few would call that responsible parenting.

Let's do something about this.  Please call upon the trainers you know to help out.  I will fundraise to pay a stipend if we can find the right partners to commit to training a rescue or two. And I have no problem with trainers finding a home that wants to pay good money - and keeping most of that.

SAFER has a foster home with a large round pen and areas to ride; plus access to trails for trail training. It's close to 101 and between Santa Rosa and Petaluma.  We might also get sponsored by trainers at their barns.  Thirty to sixty days can make the difference between life and death for these very deserving horses.  Unless we act now those "well-broke and experienced" mounts are not going to be around in a few years!
Thank you for considering....
Kate Sullivan

PS Brandy is adopted!
My name is HOPE and I am trained to ride.  I am 14.3  and an ex-broodmare; sound and healthy. I am up to date on everything and free to a good home that will invest just a little time in tuning my skills and body.  I am 10-12 yrs old and very sweet and calm.
See me HERE.
NER Colt

Check out the NER horses.
Please go to NorCal Equine Rescue to see their available horses.  IF YOU SEE ONE
that you might want - call the designated person and get all the additional information. We can bring those horses here and you can trial them.  It will cost you $50 to do so.
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