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New Horses to Place FEB 2010
Dear Saddle Sisters (and Brothers):
It is a long and wet season - very hard for horse keeping.  So many calls for new homes and the horses arriving at the auction are picking up.  SAFER cannot go this Mon or next Mon so I hope someone does.

SAFER got three new ones last week.  I am previewing them here for you as they will most likely will be going up to NorCal's facility in Oroville soon. They are a 13 yr old returning broodmare, a 5 yr old QH mare that needs some training - has only been started; and a 4 yr old Arab cross that needs training.  All are sound and very sweet tempered.  They have all their basic training and are very easy to care for. The younger ones are small and would make wonderful kids horses prospects. Very pretty with long manes.

Shahnessa has settled in and has received some wonderful sponsors. She is such a sweet soul.  The pictures of her in her grand champion days are remarkable.  She has a little pasture and some nice shelter and kids to visit with her.  But it would be great if she could have that real last home.  Loni too is still needing that companion situation. Both deserving older mares.

Golden Jesi, Sparky and Daisy have been adopted to wonderful homes.

On a very sad note, SAFER took in an OTTB named Shining Una.  When she arrived she turned out to have extensive fracture injuries to her knees and after conferring with an equine surgeon up at UC Davis I made the decision to set her free. She was a remarkably loving mare and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. Much gratitude to the Pepper family for the love and care they gave Una.

For those of you who are fans of horse racing please remember:  For every Zenatta there are many many thousands of broken horses like our beloved Una - a small mare with fragile legs; pumped up with steroids and run to death in cheap daily races for the betting crowd.  May you fly with the angels sweet one.
SAFER Needs....
A truck that runs.
Folks to do Fund Raising!
Fosters that can take in several horses temporarily.
                 Our Foster Sponsors:


Hope Cabinetry

Experienced in Remodel,
Repair and new building      projects. 707-934-7205

Kate Sullivan
This little guy is 4 years and 14 hands. He is an Arab cross and is ready for saddle training. Excellent ground manners and very personable. See him HERE  under Horses Available.
Tia is a full QH; 5 yrs. 14.3 hands. Sound, healthy and ready to resume her interrupted saddle training. See her HERE
under Horses Available.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is a returning QH broodmare. Needs to get her figure back and resume a career as a riding horse.  She is 13, great feet 15 hands. Healthy girl. Very pretty face. See her HERE under available horses.
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