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Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue

Dear Jokers and Soakers:

Gotta love the mud - ya? Over in Calistoga they make money with it.... why aren't we doing that??    Plenty of equines are giving themselves facials and body wraps with it tho. If I stick a couple of cucumber slices on my mare's eyeballs the effect would be complete. 


WE HAVE HAD ADOPTIONS!!   Camille, our one eyed Paint went to a wonderful home up in Gualala.  Such a big thank you to all those who made her new life possible with their contributions! Her new gelding companion has not seen a dame for a while and was quite stricken with love at first sight.  See them HERE.  Cody and Cory also found  good companion homes. Thank you Betsy Bueno for finding Cory's home!  Gemini found her forever home up in Potter Valley. Honey and Sunny got adopted together. They will be trained to be good trail horses up at Tell Tale Ranch. What a wonderful education for these two.  Thank you Mykela Kray and Kate Sabin for giving them that important Basic Education so they could go on to COLLEGE!   All these were auction saves.  

Others on the website that got homes are Hunter, Mystic and Pete. Helen Johnson of Paddington Station in Potter Valley went and got Pete out of a bad situation.  She also received Gemini and facilitated her adoption. Thank You Helen!!   Little Red, the mini, after a few false leads, finally went home with SAFER's own BOD bookkeeper Michelle B.  Kinda unbearably cute....See him HERE.  


We did intake on an owner surrender, Joker.  Much gratitude to Jodi Richardson at Stable Acres who gave us a slot to receive him. He is sound and trained to ride.  See him at right.


Lets save some more! 

SAFER has bought and rehomed over 30 auction horses now. We will be able to take in more auction horses in the weeks to come.  Can't say when, of course, because we really do not want to encourage people to use the auction as a way of disposing of their horses and we have to raise the money to buy and support them.  I have heard quite a bit about the horses that have gone to slaughter from there this winter. It makes me so very sad....now people are wanting rescue horses and they are gone.... and not in a very nice way.


SAFER really needs to fund some facilities so we can provide equine drop off services, just like for our dogs and cats.

  What about all the empty horse facilities?! - we sure could use one of them to do an enormous service to the horses and our horse community.

We COULD DO this!  Can you Help? 

We have 2010 Financials for SAFER. Examine our finances Here. Basically we intook $28,000; spent $7000 on the Hay Program and still had about $11,000 in the bank at the end of the year - which we must maintain for any horse emergencies that might come up.   


We are doing a heck of a lot with very little money - NO?!  


Our programs are public and the results are tangible.  And we could do even more if we had a few more good foster homes.  Check out what it takes to be one Here.  Or RESCUE them yourself and use the SAFER FREE website to rehome them.  Anyone in the community can use this resource.  I put up full personal pages for every horse. They almost all get adopted with this publicity. 


Please donate for the next auction effort.   

Let's add yellow tags with horse hair stuck to them to the SAFER glass jar!   

Each tag tells a story that belongs to us all.






New Faces at SAFER:

A  big welcome to Dr. Ashley Sansome who will be working with SAFER as our Vet at a reduced cost.  Having a vet on board with our efforts makes so much difference to our ability to rescue, evaluate and care for the horses. She has a wonderful facility for horses herself and has offered us much advice and help.  Dr. Sansome was the vet at Safari West for many years.  She says "After you have darted a few Cape Buffalo and worked on them....the horses seem much less dramatic!"        

A big welcome to Birgitta Lewis who is our Volunteer Co-ordinator.  Birgitta will be helping organize booths at our community horse functions as well as settling up tables around the community to fund raise and also raise awareness of equine issues. Please call her to volunteer at these and other functions at 707-799-5817.


Another big welcome to Carole Balala who will be handling all our Post Adoption Visits.  What a relief to know that is being handling by such a competent and diligent volunteer.  We went on a few by way of introduction. Check out Valentino's new home and see Brandy's FINAL home.  


We welcome Dr. Ashley Sansome as well as Jenny Alphin to our Board of Directors.  Jenny has been a volunteer trainer for a year with SAFER. She has a degree in Recreational Therapy, teaches school, and hopes to have her own Equine Program one day. Jenny also works on fund raising projects for SAFER.   

Wizard is a cute 8 yr old 14 hand QH and mustang mix gelding. He has had his teeth floated, all shots and feet trimmed.  He is trained and he is AMAZING! . Great family horse prospect. See more HERE.


Nice lookin 7 yr 16 hand TB.  He raced quite a bit and also had off track training.  Does very nicely in fact.  He has an old bow that has healed.  A great trail and arena horse prospect.  Easy to handle.  Just needs a little TLC. See him HERE. 


Rojo is a Peruvian Paso - 20 years young. He is shy to catch but was ridden regularly last summer. He needs an experienced rider. His owner is very ill and cannot keep him. He is free to the right home and needs one NOW.


Buddy Love
Buddy is a 14 yr. old spotted Appy with sweet disposition and is easy to handle.  He has asthma so can only do walk and trot but is trained. See him HERE.

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Our ability to do our work depends on getting the word out - please send these emails along and encourage others to join up. SAFER DOES NOT SHARE THIS LIST WITH ANYONE.  We do however make announcements for others that may be of interest or helpful to our NorthBay horse community.