Star is a registered Thoroughbred who was not very good at the track. She is 16.1 and 9 years. Had a very short career at the track and ended up abandoned at a boarding stable - where she was not fed much as punishment. Everything is different now. She has had 6 months training and would do best with a savvy TB rider! Lots of energy and intelligence!

We are looking for an experienced horseperson who wants a lovely partner to bond with and make a forever home for - and who can bring Star along $600 to that great home!



Please call us to see if she might be the one you are looking for! SAFER 707-824-9543

Our wonderful foster Laurie W. threw bags of cans at her until she just kinda sidestepped a little - people can be so wierd....

She tacks up and takes her bridle without fuss. You can mount from the ground untied.

She has good all round conformation. She is easy to catch in the paddock - if she wants to - which she usually does. She is a young and very smart horse and needs a job and enrichment in her life. We do not want her standing in a pasture doing nothing in the next 15 years!

She is very at ease with people once she knows you and knows you understand her. She was standoffish at first - but she came to us as a starvation case - having been abandoned at a boarding stable.