Here is Zinnia - fresh from the auction. What a lovely mare. She must have had good food and absolutely no hoof care - thrush in 3 feet and not trimmed for a long time. Well - that can be fixed. She is 15.2 and we do not know her age - but not past 15. Could be much younger. Looks like a hunter/jumper. Has not been making babies. Does anyone know her?

We will be evaluating her shortly for riding. She appears to be trained.

If you are interested in visiting - Zinnia is in Cotati. Call SAFER at 707-824-9543

Getting off the bus at her new home at Mykela's- Lions and Tigers and Bears!! What will it be??

She expertly backed off the trailer. Very nice to handle. Well mannered. What a lovely butt to be wearing a nasty "by the pound" tag....

Our gal Rumba is happy to see another mare - they have made friends right away.

What a nice refined head; a very communicative mare. I am tempted with this one myself.....